About The Asshole

Good day everyone, and thank you for taking some time to check out America's Asshole. 

You’re probably at least slightly curious about who I am and what I intend this page to be. 

I have been an asshole for as long as I can remember. I don’t know where it comes from, because growing up my parents were both polite and civilized individuals that gave a shit about people’s feelings. I’d like to think of myself as polite and civilized, but I’ve never really given a shit about people’s feelings. That's never been because I’ve been out to hurt or upset people, but I’ve generally felt that people deserve to hear the truth, rather than what makes them feel “ok.” We could blame it on me being from NY so I’ve never considered the term asshole a negative term. But with unbelievably few exceptions I’ve always thought people deserve to hear the truth rather than have their feelings protected, and I feel that way because I respect them enough that I have no desire to lie to them. 

I’ve spent almost 15 years working in bars and restaurants behaving in a politically correct fashion, and my time doing that has done nothing if not to confirm to me the belief that people deserve honesty. 

This page is more or less going to be me, and more or less anyone else who wants to contribute a reasonable, fair outlook on anything applicable, commenting on mostly current events, but also many times in American/World History. 

My outlook/beliefs though they don’t truly fit into any one single box, basically they probably fall into the category of a “Classical liberal” crossed with a modern-day “Conservative/Libertarian'' Probably in today's day and age best described as a “Constitutional Conservative/Conservative Libertarian,” My strongest belief is that the biggest job the government has is to make sure our nation is defended from a foreign war, and then…and then… and then… I guess it kind of, sort of, maybe, prevents monopolies to enable the free market to run its course, but surely not in the way it currently does. I think Crony Capitalism is just as bad although through a different avenue as fascism/communism. I just think it is a slower path to the same result.

Politically speaking in the current day: Trump sucks, (But not as much as I thought he would or as much as the Liberal media would have you believe). The Democrats that fight him at every turn suck and the bulk of the elected Republicans suck, I’m of the opinion that most of the Democrats in office are far too busy passing a socialist agenda. And also that most of the Republicans in the office today are also pushing a different type of socialist agenda although the Republicans are at least respecting the public enough to keep the socialist agenda they’re pushing under wraps. I’m not sure how much better that is or even if it's better beyond the fact that they will at least publicly admit socialism is bad even the bills they pass don’t look like it. 

Establishment/Partisan Politics/Politicians have largely destroyed what has been the greatest country in the HISTORY OF HUMANITY! The country earned its independence after fighting a war over unfair taxation without representation (individual liberties being infringed upon). The same country that then fought a war amongst itself over secession, but, the huge underlying cause of our civil war was slavery and anyone who says otherwise is full of shit. Secession was the straw that broke the camel’s back more than anything. We then proceeded to become back to back World War champions.

Keep in mind that the problems of today were warned about by the unbelievable men and women who happened to come together at the right place and time to create the United States of America. They warned us not to let this become a 2 party system because if we did, then the party would become more important than the country. They warned us to be wary of foreign entanglements because they would end up becoming a drain on our nation’s finances we wouldn’t be able to overcome. These men and women warned us about all of this. Still, we let it happen, 

So Ladies and Gentlemen at the end of the day there is one thing I can promise every single person that ever clicks on this page: I will always be brutally honest with all of you. I sincerely hope that it gains some traction, but if it doesn’t I'd rather fail honestly than succeed and not be able to look at myself in the mirror.

Sincerely Yours, 

Luke Benson,

America’s Asshole