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Let’s Talk Gender and Sex!


I’m very sorry to break it to anyone that offended by this, but at the end of the day there are only 2 possibilities. Male and Female. And YOU DON’T GET TO PICK WHICH ONE YOU ARE!!!!


When you are brought into this World, you’re born and at that point in time the rest of your life is already determined in at least one facet. You either have 2 X chromosomes, which makes you a FEMALE, or you have 1 X and 1 Y, in which case you are a MALE. 


CASE CLOSED END OF STORY! (For well over 99% of individuals, none of the VERY FEW people this doesn’t apply to should feel bad about themselves, but they should most definitely understand that they ARE DIFFERENT, that’s not a good thing or a bad thing, but DIFFERENT).


You do not get to decide what your sex/gender is. You simply don’t. And there are very important reasons for this medically speaking. Your government issued ID has a section on it for your sex, Thats partly for to aid police/TSA in identifying you, but its also partly for instances of severe health emergencies, when a paramedic or EMT is trying to administer care, there are plenty of conditions that are more prevalent for MALES or FEMALES, and your sex helps them narrow down what the situation at hand is. There are also plenty of medications that are safer/more effective for MALES or for FEMALES. That is science. Hate to break it to you but THAT IS SCIENCE. It is also Undeniable. 


Now don’t get me wrong. If you were born a man, and you’d prefer to live your life as a woman, how does that effect my life???? IT DOESN’T. I could not give less of a fuck. If you were born as a woman and you’d prefer to live your life as a man, how does that effect my life? AGAIN IT DOESN’T!!!!! Have at it. You do you! More Power to you!


I am a very firm believer that people should be able to live their lives however the hell they want with 1 lone exception. You don’t get to make up your own facts. You have 2 X chromosomes and you wan’t to take some drugs to help you grow hair in places you otherwise wouldn’t and want to change your musculature, I LITERALLY COULD NOT CARE LESS, and I’m also willing to bet that 99.9% of the time, if you decide to use a men’s room instead of a women’s room, NOBODY is going to say a goddamned word to you. Same goes for the opposite scenario. If you’re born with 1 x and 1 y chromosome, but you’re not happy, you want to take estrogen, shave whatever hair you have as frequently as need be, grow your hair out and wear a dress, then prefer to use the ladies room,  AGAIN, if you’re not acting like a total fucking creep, chances are NOBODY is going to say a goddamned word to you.


I never have and don’t think I ever will have a problem with anyone living their best life as long as they’re not behaving in a way that invades others privacy/safety. I do have a problem with a few weirdos flexing their weirdo muscles and trying to change the public’s perception of reality and or science. 


And furthermore, Sexuality is a whole separate issue. Who turns you on is who turns you on. You do you, enjoy yourself with any and every consenting adult you’d like to enjoy yourself with. But your sexual preferences do not mean that the science of whether you have 2 X’s or 1 X and 1 Y change. They are 2 largely unrelated things. Not completely. If we’re playing the numbers more often than not females would prefer male partners and males would prefer female partners. But I certainly do not give a shit if you’re bucking the trend, if you’re happy, good on you. But what makes you happy doesn’t change your biology despite what your feelings say about it. 


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  • I tend to disagree that nobody cares about men using the ladies bathroom (unless, I suppose, they are post-op), You also don’t
    address males in female locker rooms, where nudity is basically required (at lease while changing, but also to shower), nor biological
    males competing against biological females in events that are supposed to be females competing against females.

    Ben on

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