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How is it possible not only that Big Tech/The leftists entrenched in government are able to pretend and convince people that the recent decisions, regarding Tump, conservatives and Parler, have been able to convince the masses that they’re doing what they’re doing in attempt to calm tensions in our country?


It is very obvious that although the people that stormed the capitol did so in an unacceptable manner which they should not have been able to do as easily as they were. Their motive was pretty apparent to anyone that’s been paying any attention whatsoever. These people felt like they were not being heard, and they felt like the few politicians that felt the same things they did weren’t being heard. 


There was plenty of evidence that some voter fraud occurred, though the significance of said fraud is absolutely up for debate. The United States DOJ came out in their statement on the matter and only said they found “no evidence of significant voter fraud to change the results of the election.” Over the past 4-5 years they’ve proven that they’re certainly not the fair bi-partisan organization they’re supposed to be, and even they didn’t come out and say they found no evidence of voter fraud just that they didn’t find enough evidence to overturn the election. Keep in mind this was after a 1-2 week investigation, not a length full blown investigation. 


Now lets move on to the court cases regarding the election. Almost all of said court cases were overturned on procedural matters not on lack of evidence or poor evidence. The mainstream media would have everyone believe that all of these cases were thrown out based out on their merits, but it takes only a minimal amount of individual research to see that almost entirely they were thrown out because of legal/procedural bullshit not because of lack of evidence.


Then they had one last opportunity to feel heard, Texas brought a case to the Supreme Court, which many other states then jumped on board with. Rather than the Supreme Court, hearing the case, they just tossed it and said Texas had no standing.   LET ME BE CLEAR: I’M BY NO MEANS SAYING THAT THE SUPREME COURT WOULD HAVE RULED IN FAVOR OF TEXAS AND GRANTED THE PRESIDENCY TO TRUMP! I am though, saying that if they at least heard the case,  these 70+million people that feel unheard would have felt more heard than they do now. 

BUT another important point is to consider the 2 jobs the United States Supreme Court has Constitutionally speaking, 1) determine the Constitutionality of laws passed by the federal government. 2) To settle Disputes between/among the states. SO WHY WOULD THEY NOT HEAR THE CASE?!?!?!?!?! I don’t care what way they would rule on the case, but AT THE VERY LEAST HEAR IT!!!! If they hear the case, and rule against Texas, at least people feel that they’ve been heard, they tried, and they lost. Instead, they’ve been made to feel like no one is even hearing what they have to say!!!!


These people feeling completely and totally unheard, without question led to what occurred on January 6th. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending why they behaved the way they did, as I’ve made more than clear before, that nonsense was beyond unacceptable but I certainly understand why it happened, and I think everyone would do well to think about and understand WHY it happened. 


Now in response to the poor decisions these people made as a result of feeling unheard, BIG TECH (Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon), have decided to not only ban Trump from their platforms but also refuse access to the market to a new social media competitor, Parler. To make matters worse, There are also a scarily large number of people in office, calling for the banning of political opponents who were trying to exercise their constitutional rights from serving in the federal government. 


Where does anyone think these kind of decisions lead to? I don’t know exactly where it leads, BUT THERES ONE THING I KNOW: THIS DOESN’T LEAD ANYWHERE GOOD!!!!!!

We had a situation where 75+million Americans didn’t feel heard, and as a result ~10,000 behaved in a completely unacceptable manner. Now they’ve kicked POTUS off Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. They’ve also effectively banned the one social network that was gaining traction as a place for conservatives to be free to express their opinions. WTF DO YOU THINK COMES NEXT?! JANUARY 6TH IS GOING TO BE A JOKE COMPARED TO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!

I have a feeling I’m also going to disagree with what comes next! I’m not going to defend whatever it is if it isn’t peaceful but of course I’m going to understand where its coming from! What do we think is going to happen?!?!?!?!

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